How To Plan A Wedding On A ShoeString Budget

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Planning a wedding doesn’t have to cost the price of a mortgage contrary to what you see on bridal shows airing on TLC where the average wedding is $20,000. Remember the money spent is for a one day event. Do you want to be paying years down the road? Is it really worth starting your marriage off in this type of debt? I didn’t think so. When I was given a budget I made it work, no exceptions.
The most important part of your wedding is getting a date set. Figure out what you want to remember most and plan that first. If it is the venue, pick a date when the venue you want is available. Everything else can just fit in to that. I searched everywhere and couldn’t find a place I really liked or one that was worth the money they wanted to charge me. I ended up renting the VFW Lodge was three minutes from my home. I talked my dad into joining since he was a veteran and eligible to do so. This allowed me to rent the hall for half the price others were charged.
The longer you have to plan your wedding the better. This gives you time to search and research the best prices. This also allows you to wait for specials and get discounts on some wedding supplies.

With a wedding budget of only $3000 I had to improvise. I purchased plastic tablecloths from the craft store using coupons from the paper. I bought cups and plates when they were buy one get one free from the grocery store. I also provided my own drinks at my wedding. I waited for sales and bought the drinks when they were discounted. I stored them at my house until the day of my wedding. I did not serve alcohol. The advantage of the VFW was the bar on the other side of the wall. They had a full-time bartender with a window that opened to the hall I rented. Guests simply stood at the window and ordered drinks they paid for themselves. The savings on this was a minimum of $500.
I called every DJ service in the local newspaper and went online in search of the best price. DJ’s are better than hiring a live band in my opinion. They are cheaper and they also provide entertainment. My DJ handled introducing the toast, the flower toss, the first dance, and all other wedding traditions.
I found my dream dress in a Brides Magazine which happened to cost less than half the price of the dresses sitting on the racks in the shops. I had it ordered, it was brand new to me, and no one had ever tried it on before me. Plus my dress was one that the shops I visited did not carry making it unique and I was the only one with it in my area.
Going to Bridal Shows is a great way to get freebies and learn about new wedding products. Keep in mind stores offering Bridal Shows do so trying to get you to gift register with them. Many times brides get so caught up and they sign up for items they would never use or want in another circumstance.
A great way to save a lot on your wedding is to shop around. I paid one dollar per guest for the cake I had. My wedding cake was not your standard flavor either, I requested chocolate fudge for one layer and lemon for the other.
Weddings can be fun and memorable without costing the price of car. It is more fun to participate in the event itself instead of relying on someone else to do everything for you. My wedding planner was a book I bought that I brought everywhere I went while keeping to my wedding budget.
Hi, I’m Vicki, coupon clipper, multi-level super saver, and I want to show you have to make the most of your money. Check out my website and see ways you never thought of to save. If you are getting married check out the checklist of what you need for your big day

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