Top Wedding Food Trends to Follow for a Fantastic Wedding

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If you recently got engaged and have your wedding preps running in full swing, one of the things you can’t compromise on arranging is good food. Food is probably one of the few things, including the wedding reception venue, which find the success of a wedding reception. Guests remember weddings because of food; extremely bad food or outstandingly delicious food. Clearly, you want to choose the latter: outstandingly delicious food, for your wedding.
Here are some wedding foods trends that you’ve got to follow. Feed your guests the most scrumptious, mouth-watering and delicious food while keeping it fancy yet classy.
1. Think Bite Size
When it comes to food for wedding, the new way of serving even main courses is to go small – shrink the size of the part and increase the number of items. This allows you to offer your guests more variety of food at a not so exceeding budget.
2. Forget Forks
Serve food on skewers or toothpicks – this new way of serving food is a great way to make the food look more attractive and at the same time save you from cutlery expenses. No cutlery, no cost! Finger foods and dry items are trending at most weddings; serves bring trays of delicacies decorated beautifully that guests can have on the go.
3. Go Healthy
Think healthy when you’re selecting food for your wedding. Today, wedding food is all about different types of fruits that fit the palette perfectly. A combination of fruits does not only add color to the fruit trays, but keeps you away from eating heavy. Fruit is fulfilling, healthy and satisfying.

4. Pick Breakfast
Who said you can’t serve breakfast on your wedding? Serve waffles, pan cakes, or a waffle basket with salmon or tuna strips for a wedding brunch or even a wedding reception dinner! You can also serve yogurt with a combination of seasonal fruits as appetizers or dessert. Yogurt, nuts and fruits joined blend well together. Your guests will love the idea and will be an element of surprise and excitement.
5. Juice it up with Fresh Juices
A spring wedding without fresh juices just doesn’t ring the right bells. This is one of the top wedding food trends to follow; many couples are replacing liquor and drinks with fresh juices, tea and coffee. This is brilliant for the hosts; you don’t have to drive home someone with a hangover. In addition, saves you many bills in your pocket.
6. Don’t Desert the Dessert
Make sure you put an end to the reception with a lip-smacking dessert. Offer something sweet, like a dessert bar, or a mini dessert to serve the sweet tooth and have a sweet ending to the reception. Dessert options can have cup cakes, a wedding cake, pudding, pastries, tarts, etc.
Make sure you talk to your caterers in advance to ensure you can provide the best food to your guests. Some wedding reception venues permit you to have a customized food menu, while others have set menu options that you can choose from. Look for venues that give you the best deal for food, catering, decor and a gorgeous view too. If you are in Bensalem so you can go for Bensalem Township Country Club. Bensalem Township Country Club has best Wedding Venues.

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